History of Poetry

Poetry probably dates back to the cavemen and the earliest shamans, who recorded events in pictorial stories. This cave painting at Lascaux, France, is believed to date from between 15000 and 13000 BC. Poetry is one of the oldest literary art forms. The earliest types of poetry were often sung or recited to pass on orally transmitted stories, laws, and information about ancestors, as the rhythmic and repetitive forms facilitated remembering reports before the development of writing. Poetry is always written in a strict form. Poets choose words according to their meaning and sound. Unlike prose, poetry is written in simple language.

Meaning is the word that refers comprehensively to the ideas expressed in the poem - the meaning or message of the poem. When we understand poetry, we often use the terms idea, theme, motif, and meaning. Usually an idea refers to a concept, principle, scheme, method, or plan. Poetry is a type of literature based on the interaction of words and rhythm. It often uses rhyme and meter (a set of rules for the number and arrangement of syllables in each line). In poetry, words are strung together to form sounds, images, and ideas that might be too complex or abstract to describe directly.

The main theme of "The Road Not Taken" is that it is often impossible to predict where a life-changing decision will lead. Therefore, one should make one's decision quickly and with confidence. It is normal to wonder how things would have turned out if one had chosen the other path, the road not taken.

The poet wants to express that it is cruel to keep the wild animals in the small enclosures of the zoo, far from their natural habitat. They feel angry, helpless and unhappy, remembering their life and environment in the forest.

Poetry as a part of literature

Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative perception of experience or a particular emotional response through language chosen and shaped for its meaning, sound, and rhythm.

The poet (Robert Frost) observed the two roads as closely as possible and then described the first road as the road most used by people and it was muddy, while in the second case (road) it was gruesome and "worn".

It is not only that poetry allows us to understand ideas and emotions in a much more meaningful way, but by constantly reading poetry we ensure that these ideas are recognized in new and innovative ways every time the words come from the page.

This is exactly why poetry needs to be read. The speaker in a poem reflects on a subject by saying what he or she thinks and feels about it. You can use these reflections and other details in a poem to figure out the message or theme of the poem.

Determine the theme of this comic strip by examining what the characters say and do.

The message the poem gives us is that we should be generous and selfless and think of others. We must try to help others who are not as experienced as we are.